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Welcome to Burpee.fitness (the “Website”) of Burpee Pty Ltd (“Burpee”). The expression ‘we’ and ‘us’ refers to Burpee. The term ‘You’ refers to the user or member visiting the Website and or contributing content on this Website.

This Website is provided solely to assist you in finding a new fitness activity in your area.  We, the Website owners, want You to use this site to gather as much information as possible on current fitness activities in your area or in an area You may be visiting for travel or work.

Please read the following terms and conditions (known also as the “Agreement”) and note that by accessing or using this website in any manner, You agree to be bound by the Agreement.  We may change this Agreement from time to time and will post amendments on the Website to alert You.  As a user or member, it is your responsibility to ensure You have read the Agreement and to check it periodically for changes.  If You continue to use the Website, this signifies that You accept this Agreement, as amended.

Use of this Website

Reviews and Content

All submissions, reviews and videos (‘Content’), once submitted become the property of Burpee, and we can reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, publish and publicly display them, throughout the world in any media (including another website). Your name will be attributed to any submissions.  All Content is not confidential and non-proprietary.

All reviews posted by Burpee members will be subject to our filter system.  We will not include anything that we deem, false, unlawful, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, threatening, breaching privacy laws, abusive, or otherwise objectionable. All Content posted on the Website is for others to enjoy and use for their information on fitness activities.  This content will be used at the discretion of Burpee.

If You use information from the Website, it is your responsibility to contact the organisation offering the fitness activity to check if it is still operating and if the class or activity reviewed is still available.

The Website is not responsible or liable for the following:

  • If You attend a class that has been reviewed and is now cancelled
  • If You go to a business which has been reviewed and is now closed
  • If You attend a session reviewed and the timings have changed
  • If You go to a venue and it has moved premises

We take no responsibility and assume no liability for any Content posted, stored or uploaded by You or any third party, or for any loss or damage thereto, nor are we liable for any mistakes, defamation, slander, libel, omissions, falsehoods, obscenity, pornography or profanity you may encounter.  As a provider of interactive services, we are not liable for any statements, representations or Content provided in any public forum, personal home page or other Interactive Area.  We reserve the right to screen, remove and edit, without notice, any Content posted or stored on the Website at any time and for any reason.

We urge all users of the Website to contact the fitness activity provider before they use them to check if they are still in business and operating at the same venue.

The Blog

All the Content on the Blog is owned by Burpee and is offered to You as information on fitness and nutrition.

Updated April 19, 2015




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